Guest Scout: Rebecca Lando


Our upcoming post series is brought to us by writer, editor, producer and bonafied cookbook author Rebecca Lando. Rebecca and I went to high school together in Florida (go Tornadoes!), after which she studied film at NYU and recently followed the call of the west (and tacos) to LA where she currently resides.

While in NYC Rebecca created and starred in Working Class Foodies, a cooking show that features affordable meals made with local and sustainable ingredients (and more importantly, where I learned how to properly truss and roast a chicken). Last year she published the Working Class Foodies cookbook, and currently is the network director at the Nerdist Channel on Youtube. Just to add to her awesome pile, Rebecca and her boyfriend Kit are parents to an adorable basset named Humphrey.

Check out some of her videos and be sure to grab the cookbook:

Working Class Foodies Show
Working Class Foodies Cookbook