Supercoco Coconut Candies

If you love coconut and even better, toasted coconut, then beware of these tasty treats, ya might just eating the whole bag in one sitting!

I grew up eating these toasted coconut nougat candies (with coconut pieces embedded in them, yum) and was reminded of how delicious they are when my mom brought me some back from her last trip to Colombia, where they’re made and are a popular treat.

Nestle Milo Chocolate Malt Powder

"Milo is a chocolate malt powder you mix into milk - or hot water. I like that it doesn’t dissolve all that well or particularly quickly - and I should probably be embarrassed to say that I like to eat it dry straight out of the tin. The packaging always has sports people on it - and somehow they have convinced everyone it is healthy. It’s a classic after school drink."

Scouted by Rilla Alexander

Arnott’s Tim Tams

"These are chocolate biscuits (you’d call them cookies here) made by Arnott’s that have a legendary hold over most Australians and those of us living away from home get ridiculously excited about them. My sister spent $50 sending me Tim Tams when we lived in Berlin - but they got lost in the post and ended up being returned to her months later. I ate them when I visited Australia which made them very well travelled and expensive Tim Tams. Bite the ends off the Tim Tam, dip it into a cup of hot coffee/tea/chocolate and suck."

Scouted by Rilla Alexander

Vegemite yeast extract

"I’ll admit that the memory of some of the foods on my list is often better than reality - except for Vegemite which I love and eat regularly. Our stocks are regularly topped up by visiting family and friends. The need to carry Vegemite with you when you travel is so well understood that Kraft even offer a version in a tube . Vegemite is a salty black yeast spread that you should, under no circumstances, eat from a spoon. This is not nutella or peanut butter! The trick is to butter your toast quite liberally and then gently apply a thin layer of Vegemite – less than you think! You can also add cheese and maybe even a tomato…and I’d recommend experimenting with Avocado too.”

Scouted by Rilla Alexander

Guest Scout: Rilla Alexander


Our upcoming post series is brought to us by designer, illustrator and author Rilla Alexander. Rilla, her husband Steve and their pup Mr. Tom (who is named after a German candy bar!) hail from Australia, have most recently lived in Berlin and now call Portland home. Aside from her amazing design and illustration portfolio, Rilla has published several books, some featuring her adventurous and sassy alter ego Sozi, who stars in her upcoming book The Best Book in the World!.

Rilla has shared a list of her favorite Australian foods, in her words:

"If you were Australian you’d recognise this as the absolute basics of Australian foods. There is nothing unexpected, adventurous or gourmet about them - but these are the things that I seek out when I go home, alongside baked foods like Lamingtons , Anzac Biscuits , Damper and Meat Pies - all topped off with a Golden Gaytime. Yes, that is the name of an ice-cream (that sadly, we can’t order here but if you ever go to Australia I’d highly recommend).”

Beach Bum Berry Remixed


I’d say about 95% of what I’ve learned about tiki drinks was written in this book by a man that scoured the globe to uncover the closely guarded recipes and techniques almost altogether lost from tiki’s heyday. If there’s one book you own dedicated to making the most complex and delightful drinks from around the world, make it this one.